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Seams-CMS Pricing

As a software-as-a-solution (SaaS) platform, we offer different subscriptions for different purposes. When registering, you will be automatically added to the free subscription plan. If you need to store more content or use more functionality, you can easily upgrade your account when needed. We offer our subscriptions on both a monthly and yearly base, with discounted prices for annual subscriptions.


$0 / month

Seams-CMS is free for use for small amounts of content. You will be able to enjoy most of the functionalities from the paid subscriptions but are only allowed a limited number of content-types, workspaces, locales, etc. For small blog posts and personal projects, this can be more than enough for you so you can enjoy Seams-CMS without a paid subscription.

When you register at Seams-CMS, you will be automatically assigned a free subscription. If you need more, you can easily upgrade your subscription to a larger one without losing any data.

Included in the free subscription tier:
  • 1 workspace
  • 1 locale
  • 10 content types
  • 500 content entries
  • 1 user
  • 1 GB of assets
  • community support

Silver (ag)

$89 / month

The Silver subscription tier is for small business users who want more than a simple blog site. With the silver subscription, you have multiple workspaces so you can create staging environments or even multiple blogs or separated content sections next to each other. You are allowed to invite more users, each with their security & capabilities.

Besides this, you will be able to have multi-lingual content by selecting one or more locales for your content-types. Create your content in English, Dutch, German, or any other language you need.

Included in the silver subscription tier:
  • 3 workspaces
  • 3 locales
  • 25 content types / workspace
  • 5,000 content entries / workspace
  • 3 users
  • 15 GB of assets
  • 24hr email support

Gold (au)

$345 / month

This subscription is similar to the silver subscription, except you can create more workspaces, content-types, content, and assets.

Besides this, it is also possible to use additional features like:

  • SSO (Single sign-on).
  • Webhook notifications to SQS/SNS.

Included in the gold subscription tier:
  • 10 workspaces
  • 10 locales
  • 50 content types / workspace
  • 10,000 content entries / workspace
  • 10 users
  • 50 GB of assets
  • 24hr email support
  • Get new functionality first.

Platinum (pt)

$689 / month

The platinum subscription tier is for businesses who want to get the most out of Seams-CMS. Besides 25 workspaces, you can save even more content and assets per workspace.

Included in the platinum subscription tier:
  • 25 workspaces
  • All locales
  • 100 content types / workspace
  • 25,000 content entries / workspace
  • 50 users
  • 100 GB of assets
  • 4hr email support
  • Get new functionality first.
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Enterprise and beyond

If you require more content and/or features, it's possible to create a custom subscription for you. Depending on your needs, we can adjust many options and allow you to scale to whatever your needs. Note that this is only possible starting from the platinum level.

Partners & Web Agencies

By partnering up with Seams-CMS, you can provide your clients with an easy-to-use CMS while you are in charge of implementation. No need to write your custom CMSes anymore, but implement an easy-to-use CMS that your customers will love! For more information, take a look at our partnership plans.


We believe in the power of open-source software. For this reason, we allow open source projects to apply for an open-source subscription of Seams-CMS free-of-charge.