Seams-CMS Features

Seams-CMS consists of a large collection of features and functionality with more added weekly.
Most of these features are available in the free version of Seams-CMS, so you can try them out without any risk.

logo Sync content

With the help of webhooks, you can synchronize the content from Seams-CMS to your data store or caches. Use this for even quicker access to your data while still keeping in sync.

logo API first

Use our HTTP and GraphQL APIs to access your content in an easy-to-understand JSON format quickly. We even provide SDKs for different languages and platforms for quick development turn-around.

logo Scheduling

Publish and unpublish content automatically through scheduling. Create simple one-time or even reoccurring schedules for returning content changes.

logo Versioning

All content is versioned which means you can always revert to a previous version, or even see the differences between then and now.

logo Permissions

Set up a fine-grained permission structure for your organization. Allow editors, managers, translators, and others to see and use the system according to their permissions.

logo Locales

Create multi-lingual content with ease through locales. Define the locales per workspace and automatically add translations to your content. You can even give restricted access to translators, so they can only edit their specific languages.

logo Custom types

Instead of having fixed blog and page types, you are in control of your content types. Shape the data you need and add new content based on these types quickly.

logo Workspaces

Workspaces are the main space in which your content, types, and assets live. You can use different workspaces for different blogs or sites, or even have multiple stages per site, like a development-workspace, staging, and production workspace. Seams-CMS allows to simply import content from one space to another.