Senior Backend Developer

(Because we don't want to learn a new frontend framework each week)

As a backend developer, you deal with mostly the backend system of Seams-CMS. This consists of our different API systems (our react API, delivery API, etc) ranging from small to high traffic volumes. You keep our storage engine in optimal condition by monitoring and tweaking. You come up with new ideas to make the platform more efficient.

Roles and Responsibilities

As a startup, it's important that our team is multi-talented. We rather have that you know a little bit of many things, than everything about only one thing (ideally, you want to know everything about many things, but we can't all be Josh).

Since some of us are allergic to cats, we don't allow any cats in the office. You are permitted to bring a fish (and bowl) into the office provided that you will be the one that feeds the fish. If you cannot handle this responsibility, we will reconsider allowing cats in the office again.

Besides feeding the fish, you will be responsible - amongst other things - for:

  • Working in the different API systems (PHP & Symfony).
  • Working on the AWS platform (cloudy stuff).
  • Write support tools we use throughout our daily work.
  • Working on the SDKs (Python, PHP, JavaScript, Go etc).
  • Helping the community to implement Seams-CMS.
  • Thinking of new ideas and features.
  • You can brag about working at Seams-CMS!
  • Optionally, a monthly salary confirming market standards.
  • Time for self-study / own projects.
  • Personal budget for training, hardware, conferences etc.
Is this you?

Please email us with your info, CV, portfolio, achievements or anything that you can think of that makes us consider you to jobs@seams-cms.com.