About Seams-CMS

Meet the future of Content and Data Management Systems

We are a small Dutch startup company that focuses on delivering a content management system that is a match for all companies and all branches. Whether you are a small IT-startup or a large company in the medical area, our CMS allows you to easily manage your content and digital assets such as documents and images.

Since we as founders are developers by profession, we are focused on creating a CMS that allows for easy implementation and adaptation based on current technologies available.

Our vision is that in time, we want Seams-CMS to become the leader in the headless CMS market with a global customer base. We provide a solution to both content managers and editors, as well as developers that are easy to use, flexible to suit everybody's needs and usable as the main source of content truth for companies.

Content management systems are everywhere. They range from simple text fields to full-fledged page generators in which you can create complex pages without a single line of code. Often written for specific sites or applications meaning any change would require changes in the CMS too. Most of these CMSes are developed as an afterthought and often provide a walled garden from which you cannot escape easily.

We started Seams-CMS because we were not content with some of the current solutions available. As developers, we have worked with many different content management systems on a daily basis, and have a good understanding on what works and what doesn't.
We thought about how to solve some of these problems and came up with our own CMS approach. Our goal is to become an influencer in the field of headless management systems.


It is our mission to deliver a platform in which you can manage your content in such a way that you are able to maintain an overview of your content no matter how small or large it will be. We want our platform to become the de-facto standard when it comes to maintaining content in your daily work, by providing the most efficient and usable management system. Be it a single person maintaining his or her blog site, or a large multi-national dealing with thousands of content entries, managed by tens of different users and departments, we want to provide the best platform available today and in the future.

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